2016/17’s Autumn “What’s Next?” Workshops

Hello everyone!

And we’re back – and set with the line-up for 2016/17’s Autumn What‘s Next Workshops! We continue to try to better craft our efforts toward what would be most useful for you, with the intention of extending and deepening some of the advice covered in earlier workshops on assembling your dossier and crafting your ‘academic self’. We want to do this in very supportive, practical and concrete terms now since the job market season has just opened, so please bring your materials, specific questions and details about particular posts to which you are applying.

Workshop 1, 12th October, 4:00-6:00, Seminar room 2: Classifieds for Academics: Where to Look for Jobs and How to Read a Job Call 

Workshop 2, 26th October, 4:00-6:00, 26th October, 6th Floor Common Room: Looking Good on Paper, Part 1: the CV and the Cover Letter

Workshop 3, 16th November, 4:00-6:00, Seminar room 6:  Looking Good on Paper, Part 2: Teaching and Research Statements

Workshop 4, 7th December, 4:00-6:00,Seminar room 5: What‘s up Doc?: Post-docs and Bring your own docs

The Winter Workshops line-up is also taking shape:

Workshop 5, date tbc, room tbc: Looking Even Better in Person, Part I: the Interview

Workshop 6, date tbc, room tbc: Writing, submitting and publishing an excellent journal article 

Workshop 7, date tbc, room tbc: Writing a brilliant book proposal

Workshop 8, date tbc, room tbc: Looking Even Better in Person, Part II: the Job Talk


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