Two Postgraduate Events

A Digital Turn? Emergence of a Digital Sociology

The increasing pervasiveness and subsequent normalisation of digital technology in everyday life has enlivened academic debates surrounding the wider implications of living within the so called ‘digital age’. For example, Deborah Lupton (2014) argues in her book Digital Sociology that newly developed technologies have so thoroughly infiltrated everyday life that the digital world should now become a central feature of sociological investigation. The emergence of a more comprehensive digital sociology will offer the means by which the impact, development, and use of digital technologies may be investigated, analysed and understood. Postgraduate students must lead the way in shaping this sociology of the present and future…

Researching Social Inequality Across the Social Sciences: Contemporary
Sociological Analyses of Power and Exclusion

This one day event for postgraduate researchers will focus on key sociological approaches to the study of social inequality, with an emphasis on the cross-disciplinary use of theory and method to study power and its effects. This event aims to bring together researchers working within diverse fields spanning the social sciences, such as management and organizational studies, education, social and public policy, politics and international relations, gender studies, health and wellbeing studies, criminology, socio-legal studies, critical race studies, LGBT studies and cultural studies. We invite postgraduate researchers to submit a poster summarising their research focus and methodological approach. Posters will be on display throughout the day.



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