Warwick Sociology Journal

As seen on Twitter… and may be of interest:

The Warwick Sociology Journal is an online student-found and led journal committed to showcasing high quality postgraduate and undergraduate work. We pride ourselves on providing students with the opportunity to achieve publication; a unique and fantastic addition to any CV — academic or otherwise. The journal encourages submission of work that is sociological in nature and can take the form of — but is not limited to — an academic essay, article, report or book review.

The journal will be introducing a peer-review process in 2015. As of October 2015, all submissions will undergo an anonymous review by selected referees.

The Warwick Sociology Journal was founded in 2013 by Adam Gayton and is currently led by Jessica Tatchell. We are based at and fully supported by the Sociology Department at The University of Warwick.

We will be updating this page shortly with further information. If you have a piece to submit or any questions, please email SociologyJournal@warwick.ac.uk

The only guidance we have is that Harvard referencing is used where necessary. The piece can be as little or long as you want to make it.

We look forward to hearing from you!



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